JARSTAR LED Grille Downlight RG 25W-70W


Wattage:  25W- 70W
LED Chip: Citizen/ Cree
Driver Brand:OSRAM/ Philips/ Tridonic
RA:>90/ 97
Finish Color:White/Black/ Customized
Beam Angle:15°24°38°

Product Details

Adjustable round downlight from Jarstar. Downlight to be used as general & accent lighting for commercial areas shop-windows and different indoor spaces. Downlight designed for ceiling recessed installation. Luminaire body made of die-cast aluminium painted in White/ Black. Replace out-dated halogen downlights with our LED winners. Simple, fantastic energy- saving downlights with a great light spread. They feature a recessed diffuser to reduce glare on screens and are sensational value for money for everyday homes. With an integrated driver, lead and plug, installation is super fast and super easy. An aesthetic curved shape, high performing surface mounted LED luminaire Ideal for schools, educational facilities or general commercial installations.

Feature &Benefits

-Slim recessed LED downlight design provides recessed lighting solution for very shallow ceilings.

-White pre-attached trim provides a seamless look.

-ENERGY STAR rated for excellent efficiency and cost saving benefits.

-Glare-free, impact- resistant polycarbonate lens.

-Fully dimmable, instant on and up to 45 year life.

-Quality components ensure optimum lumen output over the lifetime of the LED.

-Cooler operating temperature than incandescent or halogen light sources.


Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with high- grade frosted lens + high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face ring with finish in White/ Black.


-Quick, safe and easy to install.

-Perfect for new and remodel construction.

-Low-profile is ideal for shallow installations.

-Rated for indoor use.

-Approved for damp locations.

-Dimmable, compatible with most dimmers.

-IC rated.


ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout
JST-RG-R25W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.65AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D160*H130mm150mm
JST-RG-R30W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.75AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D160*H130mm150mm
JST-RG-R35W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.90AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D160*H130mm150mm
JST-RG-S25W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.65AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D175*H140mm160mm
JST-RG-S30W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.75AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D175*H140mm160mm
JST-RG-S35W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.90AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D175*H140mm160mm
JST-RG2*25W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.901.25AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D330*H175mm320*160mm
JST-RG2*30W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.901.50AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D330*H175mm320*160mm
JST-RG2*35W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.901.80AAC220- 240V15°/ 24°/ 36°D330*H175mm320*160mm

Size Details



Saving energy, cutting costs.

Our services– energy audits, lighting calculations and LED lighting (energy savings of up to 90% over halogen) – deliver fast payback and help meeting energy saving targets.

Support in obtaining environmental certification.


Fashion stores, Stations, Hotels, Offices, Shopping malls, Clubs, Supermarkets etc.

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