JARSTAR LED Grille Downlight RC 12W-75W


Wattage: 12W- 75W
LED Chip: Citizen/ Cree
Driver Brand: OSRAM/ Philips/ Tridonic
RA:>90/ 97
Finish Color: White/ Black/ Customized
Beam Angle: 15°24°38°60°
Diameter: 98mm-240mm

Product Details

What Are Downlights?

Whether it’s for your home, office, or any other facility, an LED downlight can provide a spot and focus illumination and is super energy- efficient since it produces less heat than other lighting solutions.It’s perfect when you’re reading or whenever you need concentrated lighting. Well-determine the space in which you will place your LED downlight, know the specific size you need, then match them with our products.


SMD Surface mount diode- This downlight is ideal if you want a wide spread of light suitable for larger areas and great for delivering a higher level of lumens/ light with a lower wattage.
COB Chip on Board- Provide a better light source by utilising reflectors that produce more crisp focused light.A cob only has one LED chip,as opposed to an SMD which has a LED chip array.


Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with high- grade frosted lens + high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face ring with finish in White/ Black.


High cost efficiency, attractive payback times

-Short payback times for lighting systems.

-LED lighting and LMS lower energy consumption and cut energy costs.

-Comprehensive compliance with standards.

-Extensive warranties.


ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout
JST-RC12W>80/902700K-5000K>0.900.30AAC220- 240V15°/24°/36°/60°L98*H120mm90mm
JST-RC15W>80/902700K-5000K>0.900.35AAC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L98*H120mm90mm
JST-RC20W>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.50AAC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L130*H135mm120mm
JST-RC25W>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.60AAC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L130*H135mm120mm
JST-RC30W>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.75AAC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L160*H155mm140mm
JST-RC35W>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.90AAC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L160*H155mm140mm
JST-RC12W*2/ 3>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.30A*2/3AC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L185*W100*H120mm175*90mm
JST-RC15W*2/ 3>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.35A*2/3AC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L185*W100*H120mm175*90mm
JST-RC20W*2/  3>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.50A*2/3AC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L240*W130*H135mm230*120mm
JST-RC25W*2/ 3>80/902700K- 5000K>0.900.60A*2/3AC220- 240V15°/24°/ 36°/60°L240*W130*H135mm230*120mm

Size Details



Flexible And Functional Solutions

-Groundbreaking lighting technologies and light management systems for workplace and general lighting
-Lighting concepts tailored to requirements
-Lighting solutions that can boost concentration and receptivity


1. Die- cast aluminium heatsink to meet economic price.

2. Non- flicking make good light environment.

3. Glare- fee design, perfect light spot with precise cast.

4. Adjustable clips,easy to installation.

5. IP20.

6. Life span for 50,000hrs.


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