JARSTAR LED Surface Mounted downlight SMB 10- 45W


Wattage: 10W- 45W
LED Chip: Citizen/ Cree
Driver Brand: OSRAM/ Tridonic/ Lifud
RA:>90/ 97
Finish Color: White/ Black/ Customized
Beam Angle: 50°
Diameter: 90mm-190mm
Installation:Surface mounted/Suspended

Product Details

Product Data

LED surface mounted downlight are a powerful source of ambient lighting, have a low profile design with a powerful light output, can be purposed to highlight features in home or even be used in landscape lighting.

LED Surface Mounted downlights are useful in accent lighting applications, are excellent for task lighting, making them the ideal choice for a variety of situations.

LED lights use less energy, last much longer, and don’t give off as much heat compared to their incandescent and fluorescent cou.

LED surface mount down light. Available in White or Black, and in 3000K Warm or Cool 4000K light colour. Covers all applications whilst being a great efficient LED Down light, without the need for cutting holes in the ceiling whilst giving an architectural look.luminaire to be used for general indoor lighting for offices, hospitals commercial areas or residential and contract spaces. Luminaire is designed for ceiling surface mounted as single luminaires Luminaire body is made of extruded aluminium finished in Anodized aluminum. Luminaire has a degree of isolation vs. environment of . Luminaire adds in a optical system based on PC lenses with a polycarbonate buffer with a beam angle of 50°. Luminaire adds in a W LED source with colour temperature of K, Colour reproduction higher than % and a chromatic dispersion lower than SMDC. Fixture has an output flux of Lm, with an efficiency of Lm/W and a total consumption of W. The average life for the luminaire is (h). Luminaire built-in an DALI Dimmable Electronic Control Gear fed at 220-240V; 50/ 60 Hz.

Product Performance


Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with high- grade Lens + high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face right with finish in White/ Black.

Flexible solutions

• Individual consulting.
• Extensive product portfolio for many different production environments.
• Smart light management systems based on LED technology.
• Luminaires with high luminous flux and homogeneous illumination improve production safety.


ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam Angle 
JST-SMB10W> 90/972700K- 5000K>0.650.25AAC220- 240V50°D90*H90mm
JST-SMB15W> 90/972700K- 5000K>0.900.35AAC220- 240V50°D110*H120mm
JST-SMB25W> 90/972700K- 5000K>0.900.60AAC220- 240V50°D130*H150mm
JST-SMB35W> 90/972700K- 5000K>0.900.90AAC220- 240V50°D170*H185mm
JST-SMB40W> 90/972700K- 5000K>0.901.00AAC220- 240V50°D190*H190mm
JST-SMB45W> 90/972700K- 5000K>0.901.10AAC220- 240V50°D190*H190mm

Size Details



1. Die- cast aluminium heatsink to meet economic price.
2. Non- flicking make good light environment.
3. Glare- fee design,perfect light spot with precise cast.
4. Adjustable clips,easy to installation.
5. IP20.
6. Life span for 50,000hrs.


Jewelry stores, museums, mood lighting, banks, airport supermarket and etc.


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