How to play with track lights at home

Information summary:
The spotlight is an optional decorative lamp in most people’s impression. It is dazzling on the sofa and reflective on the TV. Today we will discuss how to use spotlights instead of ceiling lamps and chandeliers to play with home lighting.

In daily life, we often find that because ceiling lamps and chandeliers are usually installed in the middle of the house, there is usually no light in the corners of the house, and even shadows block the line of sight.

Because of this problem, spotlights came up with track lights that can change the direction of light at will so that there is no dead space for lighting
The spotlight can not only illuminate a small area

The spotlight is a lamp with directional lighting. The luminous angle of the spotlight can be 15 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° or even 120 °, 180 °. The beam angle is small,
It is what we often call the spotlight, while a large beam angle is astigmatism. Soft astigmatism can be used for main lighting, while spotlight is mainly used to highlight specific items.

Concealed spotlight VS surface mounted spotlight
Concealed spotlights must be combined with the suspended ceiling. The spotlights can be directly embedded in the gypsum board of the suspended ceiling and evenly distributed, so that there is no dead space for home lighting.

The surface mounted spotlight can be said to be a reduced ceiling lamp to some extent. Different from concealed spotlights, exposed spotlights can directly achieve the effect of spotlights without ceiling.

Track spotlights
As a member of the spotlight family, the track spotlights have the characteristics of spotlights, and their outstanding feature is that they need to be installed on special guide rails (three or four wires).

The position of lamps on the track can be adjusted according to the actual lighting needs. In terms of application, track spotlights can generally adjust the projection direction by 355 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically,
The projection is very flexible. It is suitable for the open space of the living room and dining room lamps, playing the role of main lighting, and can also focus on lighting the home decorations.

There are three installation methods for track spotlights:
(1) The ceiling is grooved, and the track is installed in the groove;
(2) The track is exposed on the ceiling;
(3) The track can be installed with suspension wire.