Advantages of LED down lights of LED lamp manufacturers

LED downlight is one of them. It combines all the advantages of LED, energy saving, low price but not cheap quality, impact resistance and strong anti strike ability. The most important thing is that the service life of the led lamp is very long. It is understood that the service life of the led downlight is about 50000 hours. If you use five hours a day, the service life will reach about 27 years.

Downlight is a kind of light without glare, and because it is generally hidden in the corner of the building, it looks like there is no lamp installed from a distance. Downlight can hide the light source inside the building decoration, so it can give people a soft and uniform visual effect.

Advantages of downlight:
(1) The LED downlight has good starting performance, fast and reliable, and can achieve full luminous output with only millisecond response time.
(2) LED downlight has good vibration resistance, weather resistance and long service life.

(3) The LED downlight has high maintainability. The LED light source can be composed of multiple groups of LED modules, and the LED downlight can also be composed of multiple groups of LED cavity modules, which do not interfere with each other and are easy to maintain. The power supply and light source are designed independently. When they are damaged, only the defective part needs to be replaced. Individual damage will not have excessive impact on the normal lighting, and there is no need to replace the whole lamp.

(4) LED downlight has strong adaptability. The LED downlight does not have the problem of starting time. It can work normally immediately after being powered on without waiting for a long time. The light source has good color rendering, close to natural light, fast and flexible installation, adjustable at any angle, strong universality and wide application range.
(5) LED downlight has higher color rendering index. In the national standard, the color rendering index of this range is Ra=60, and the color rendering index of LED light sources is generally higher than that of traditional light sources. At the current level, the color rendering index of LED downlight can reach 70 to 85.
(6) LED downlights have obvious advantages and are more popular with consumers. At present, they are mainly used in office lighting, home lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets and factory lighting, with broad development space.

Led downlight is the product of the combination of led lamp and downlight, which completely inherits the advantages of led lamp and downlight. The product under the cooperation of strong and strong forces is energy-saving and decorative.