JARSTAR LED Downlight DTF 10-50W


Wattage: 10W- 50W
LED Chip: Citizen/ Cree/ Philips3030
Driver Brand: OSRAM/ Philips/ Tridonic
RA: > 90/ 97
Finish Color: White/ Black/ Customized
Beam Angle: 60°(COB)/ 90°(SMD)
Diameter:110mm- 230mm
Cutout:90mm- 210mm

Product Details

Downlight designed for ceiling recessed installation. Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with matt high- grade frosted glass with finish in White. Luminaire built- in an DALI/ 0-10V/ Traic Dimmable Electronic Control Gear fed at 220-240V; 50 /60 Hz.A glary downlight can cause eye strain,headaches and can distract people from the task at hand,a low glare or glare free downlight create no visble point of light for pleasant ambiance without the harsh pops of light on the ceiling.The more recessed the point of light is the less glary the downlight will look on the ceiling.The heatsink has been designed to be as compact as possible while still retaining excellent heat dissipation properties. This allows the downlight to be installed in very narrow ceiling spaces.


SMD Surface mount diode- This downlight is ideal if you want a wide spread of light suitable for larger areas and great for delivering a higher level of lumens/ light with a lower wattage.

COB Chip on Board- Provide a better light source by utilising reflectors that produce more crisp focused light. A cob only has one LED chip, as opposed to an SMD which has a LED chip array.


Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with high-grade frosted glass + high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face right with finish in White/ Black.


ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout
JST-DTF10W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.650.25AAC220- 240V60°/ 90°D145*H69mm125mm
JST-DTF15W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.35AAC220- 240V60°/ 90°D145*H69mm125mm
JST-DTF20W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.50AAC220- 240V60°/ 90°D145*H69mm125mm
JST-DTF25W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.900.65AAC220- 240V60°/ 90°D190*H186mm165mm
JST-DTF40W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.901.00AAC220- 240V60°/ 90°D230*H99mm200mm
JST-DTF50W>80/ 902700K- 5000K>0.901.25AAC220- 240V60°/ 90°D230*H99mm200mm

Size Details



1. Die- cast aluminium heatsink to meet economic price.

2. Non- flicking make good light environment.

3. Glare- fee design,perfect light spot with precise cast.

4. Adjustable clips,easy to installation.

5. IP44.

6. Life span for 50,000hrs.

Flexible Solutions

-Individual consulting.

-Extensive product portfolio for many different production environments.

-Smart light management systems based on LED technology.
-Luminaires with high luminous flux and homogeneous illumination improve production safety.


Jewelry stores, museums, mood lighting, banks, airport supermarket and etc.

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