LED Tracklight XN 10W-50W

LED Tracklight XN 10W-50W
  • LED Tracklight XN 10W-50W
  • LED Tracklight XN 10W-50W
  • LED Tracklight XN 10W-50W
  • LED Tracklight XN 10W-50W

Short Description:


Wattage: 10W-50W

LED Chip: Citizen/Cree

Driver Brand:OSRAM/Tridonic/Lifud


Finish Color:White/Black/Customized

Beam Angle:15°/24°/38°/60°


Track Adapter:2wires/3wires/4wires/6wires

Product Detail

Product Tags

Luminaire specially designed for general or accent lighting in commercial spaces,show-windows, and other interior spaces.The projector is installed on the 2wires/3wires/4wires/6wires track system. Spotlight designed with driver built-in the adapter.


Luminaire body built in die-cast aluminium with high-grade Lens+high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face right with finish in White/Black.

Features & Benefits

-Easy and flexible accessory ring allows for changes to beam angles with stackable diffusers, snoots and Hexcel louvers

-Silicone TIR optics mitigate the risk of yellowing or cloudiness over the rated life, delivering smooth uniform light

-Available in vertical and horizontal driver enclosures for two design options

-Current's track heads are flexible - choose from a variety of adapters to mate with several track systems

Low Glare Tracklight

A glary tracklight can cause eye strain,headaches and can distract people from the task at hand,a low glare or glare free tracklight create no visble point of light for pleasant ambiance without the harsh pops of light on the ceiling.The more recessed the point of light is the less glary the tracklight will look on the ceiling.


Model Power CRI CCT PF Current Input Voltage Beam Angle Dimension
JST-XN 15W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 0.35A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D75*L170mm
JST-XN 20W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 0.50A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D75*L170mm
JST-XN 25W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 0.60A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D90*L180mm
JST-XN 30W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 0.75A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D90*L180mm
JST-XN 35W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 0.90A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D90*L180mm
JST-XN 40W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 1.00A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D110*L200mm
JST-XN 50W >90/97 2700K-5000K >0.90 1.25A AC220-240V 15/24/36/60 D110*L200mm

Size Details











Lower costs, higher efficiency

-Extremely low energy consumption

-Rapid payback

-Good illumination can boost productivity

-Durable quality: lighting models with IK08 improved impact resistance, IP65 protection against -dust and water ingress

Experience comfort

-Light as a feelgood factor for guests: harmonious combination of general and accent lighting

-Multifunctional lighting for different purposes: living, working, sleeping

-User-friendly: simple to operate, dimmable lighting


1. Die-cast aluminium heatsink to meet economic price.

2. High Ra﹥90, high efficacy, high luminosity ,SDCM﹤3, make surroundings of high-quality illumination3. Glare-fee design,perfect light spot with precise cast.

3. Glare-free design, perfect light spot with precise cast, make surroundings of comfortable illumination.

4. Integral light housing for better heat dissipation , built-in driver for low-temperature operation6. Life span for 50,000hrs.


Fashion stores,Stations,Hotels,Offices,Shopping malls,Clubs,Supermarkets etc.


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