JARSTAR LED Downlight DTM 10-50W

JARSTAR LED Downlight DTM 10-50W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTM 10-50W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTM 10-50W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTM 10-50W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTM 10-50W

Short Description:

Model: JST- DTM
Wattage: 10W- 50W
LED Chip: Citizen/ Cree
Driver Brand: OSRAM/ Philips/ Tridonic
RA:>90/ 97
Finish Color: White/ Black/ Customized
Beam Angle: 50°
Diameter: 115mm- 230mm
Cutout: 100mm- 215mm

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Diecast Aluminium Body & Heatsink

The entire frame of the downlight is made from diecast aluminium finished in matte colour. The heatsink is also made from the same aluminium to keep heat level to an absolute minimum. Its compact heatsink design also makes the downlight ideal for fitting into small ceiling cavities.

Downlight to be used as general indoor lighting for offices, supermarket commercial areas or residential & contract spaces. Downlight designed for ceiling recessed installation. Luminaire body built in die-cast aluminium, round face cover, use international top COB CREE/ CITIZEN chip, and various beam angle 50°for option brilliant quality, anti-glare design with various free replacement accessories.COB Chip on Board- Provide a better light source by utilising reflectors that produce more crisp focused light.A cob only has one LED chip,as opposed to an SMD which has a LED chip array.

Experience comfort

-Light as a feelgood factor for guests: harmonious combination of general and accent lighting.

-Multifunctional lighting for different purposes: living, working, sleeping.

-User-friendly: simple to operate, dimmable lighting.

Saving energy, cutting costs

Our services– energy audits, lighting calculations and LED lighting (energy savings of up to 90% over halogen) – deliver fast payback and help meeting energy saving targets
Support in obtaining environmental certification.


Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with high- grade frosted glass+high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face right with finish in White/ Black.


Model Power CRI CCT PF Current Input Voltage Beam Angle Dimension Cutout
JST-DTM 10W >90 /97 2700K- 5000K >0.65 0.25A AC220- 240V 50 D115*H65mm 100mm
JST-DTM 20W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 0.50A AC220- 240V 50 D140*H80mm 125mm
JST-DTM 30W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 0.75A AC220- 240V 50 D160*H85mm 145mm
JST-DTM 40W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 1.00A AC220- 240V 50 D200*H98mm 180mm
JST-DTM 50W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 1.25A AC220- 240V 50 D230*H102mm 215mm

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1. Die- cast aluminium heatsink to meet economic price.

2. Non- flicking make good light environment.

3. Glare- fee design, perfect light spot with precise cast.

4. Adjustable clips,easy to installation.

5. IP20.

6. Life span for 50,000hrs.


Bathrooms, Family rooms, Offices, Retail settings, Jewelry stores, Museums, Mood lighting, Banks, Airport supermarket and etc.

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