JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W

JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W
  • JARSTAR LED Downlight DTH 10-40W

Short Description:

Model: JST- DTH
Wattage: 10W- 50W
LED Chip: Citizen/ Cree
Driver Brand: OSRAM/ Philips/ Tridonic
RA:>90/ 97
Finish Color: White/ Black/ Customized
Beam Angle: 60°
Diameter: 112mm- 210mm
Cutout: 95mm- 195mm

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What are Downlights?

LED Downlights are light fixtures that can be easily installed into a hollow space in the ceiling. They are brilliant energy-saving lighting solutions that are designed for a plethora of applications. LED Downlights emit light in a downward direction with an accurate and narrow beam.Downlights are a versatile and unobtrusive lighting form; the primary purpose of a downlight is to provide functional ambient light. They are perfect to ensure a room is illuminated well, with a wide range of LED downlights, finding the right light is simple.

LED downlights are used to fulfill different lighting roles viz., accent lighting, general lighting, and task lighting. We at Wipro specialize in LED Ceiling Downlights, which are best suited for applications in areas like retail stores, art galleries, showrooms, theaters, malls and more. With best-in-class LED technology, LM80 compliant LEDs, and specially- designed drivers, our LED downlights are designed to perfection. They are extremely versatile and come in a range of options like the choice of beam and color temperature for your showcasing needs. We at Wipro Lighting, believe in creating larger than life experiences for all our consumers. Thus, the wide range of superior quality products.


Luminaire body built in die- cast aluminium with high- grade frosted glass+ high efficiency reflector, light transmittance> 90%, face right with finish in White/ Black.


Model Power CRI CCT PF Current Input Voltage Beam Angle Dimension Cutout
JST-DTH 10W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.65 0.25A AC220- 240V 60/ 90 D112*H72mm 95mm
JST-DTH 20W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 0.50A AC220- 240V 60/ 90 D140*H82mm 125mm
JST-DTH 25W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 0.65A AC220- 240V 60/ 90 D160*H92mm 145mm
JST-DTH 30W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 0.75A AC220- 240V 60/ 90 D180*H102mm 165mm
JST-DTH 40W >90/ 97 2700K- 5000K >0.90 1.00A AC220- 240V 60/ 90 D210*H112mm 195mm

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-Slim recessed LED downlight design provides recessed lighting solution for very shallow ceilings.

-White pre- attached trim provides a seamless look.

-ENERGY STAR rated for excellent efficiency and cost saving benefits.

-Glare-free, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens.

-Fully dimmable, instant on and up to 45 year life.

-Quality components ensure optimum lumen output over the lifetime of the LED.

-Cooler operating temperature than incandescent or halogen light sources.


Retail settings, jewelry stores, museums, mood lighting, banks, airport supermarket and etc.

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